One Day Surgery Center

serve improve preserve your beauty.

We Value:


We believe in providing compassionate care for all


We believe in providing best care for our patients with an uncompromising approach to quality and safety


We Believe in upholding the highest of standards for what is right and ethical


We believe in protecting and nurturing the talents resources and entrusted relationship


We believe in each other’s creativity and unwavering spirit for development of new approaches in providing care and services to our patients and community.

We, at Mawi Medical Center, thrive to be the one stop clinic for your health and beauty.

General Surgery Clinic

Mawi Day Surgical Center of Dubai offers comprehensive, high-tech services in a cutting-edge fashion like you would expect to find in a large, urban clinic. But the way our services are delivered has a very small-town feel and approach

Plastic Surgery Clinic

We are one of the few providers to own and operate all our own treatment facilities with no need to lease third party facilities for any part of your treatment as what occurs with most other cosmetic clinics in Dubai. This means you receive consistently high standards of patient care from start to finish.

Dental Clinic

Mawi Medical Center provides a wide range of family dental services including Orthodontic care to patients of all ages Our dental team comprises of American and British qualified dentists, specialists and Hygienists, who are highly qualified, patient focused and committed to offering a personalized service in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Family Clinic

Our Family Medicine Clinic provide high quality primary care at an affordable price for all. We focus on the health of the whole person combining physical, psychological and social aspects of care.

Aesthetic Clinic

Mawi Medical Center is devoted to anti-aging treatments, skin health and facial rejuvenation. From liquid facial contouring to advanced laser treatments and resurfacing, these innovative procedures can help rejuvenate your appearance.

VIP Services

At Mawi Medical Center, we treat every patient as a VIP person. However, those patients who are looking for even greater level of luxury and comfort, they can enjoy our VIP services.